Executive Dashboard Displaying The TOP Businesses Out of 1000 Available – using Tableau

The dataset contains information about 1000 startups. It includes revenue, profit, expenses, growth %, industry and year founded.

This is still work in progress but the executive dashboard is now up that allows a senior level manager to quickly adjust constraints such as Revenue, Top Growth and Expenses to gain insight into specific startups which can yield the best ROI.

This dashboard is easy to use: Simply drag the Revenue Cutoff slider to your desired position, say if you drag it to 7,000,000 the dashboard will display only businesses with revenue MORE than 7M per year.

Expense Cutoff works in a similar fashion.

Growth Leader slider shows you your desired number of growth leaders on based on YOUR preselected conditions.

For example, you can instantly see the top 20 growth leaders (Businesses with the highest growth rate) with Revenue > 5M and Expenses

The list of growth leaders is displayed in the Growth column and color-coded, from dark red to grey. Dark red being the largest growth percentage.

Red dots on the graph represent your Growth leaders and upon closer inspection display Expenses and Revenue numbers.